An Epic Debate- Addiction- A Disease or a Self Infliction

Attached is a day long debate on whether we should be considering changing the common idea that addiction is a disease of some kind instead of a conscious choice to self medicate rather then deal with life’s problems. Read through and feel free to comment.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this matter? Comment below!


Why aren’t People More Enraged???

Why is it legal for the police to assault our children but illegal for parents to spank/hit their children???

I don’t care how rude or disrespectful any child is being, NO CHILD should EVER be assaulted by an adult in the way that cop assaulted that young girl online.

This is another example of the public showing that they are ok with this type of violence on black people due to the lack of public outcry! Black white red brown and any in between, be warned, CHILDREN ARE OFF LIMITS!!!!

I am on a 100% disgust level with the amount of tolerated hate that lives and thrives here in this country, The greed and the selfishness, well in abundance while there are people who don’t have 2 nickels to rub together and is assumed that bc you are POOR, you are too lazy to work for a living.

Wake up!

The attacks on Native&Black people are at an all time high, the environment is shit, the poor can’t make a buck bc school costs so much, which keeps them uneducated and women are still fighting for the right to control our own bodies…

there is no one really fixing the root of the problems, which is lack of education, true equal opportunities for all races, ages and sexes, and an over all reminder to care for ones community.

We used to care about one another and that’s what God says anyway for you Bible thumpers, to love thy neighbor, not belittle or hate him. Not to push your beliefs but maybe share them and talk like two intelligent people. And if you don’t believe in God , that’s cool too. But does that mean you have to live like an asshole? And maybe you won’t agree, perhaps it’s out of your scope. But to agree to disagree as painful as it will be is the only hope I see left for our future here no joke….

#sheepnomore #morningrant #heavyheart #blacklivesmatter

Sign The petition for the officer to be charged with assault!!! Click the link below

Who Wins?


I keep it inside, this thing I can’t hide, this thing is all mine, and while all things come in time

All things in my time, smooth to the touch, refined, aged to perfection, like a perfect fine wine

which you may need for the climb, to the top of the mountain or the middle of the fountain

Contained but plugged in, Insane but held again, a claim is this something and behold an assumption

Entranced and enrolled, full consumption, Slow your roll and take hold or get dumped in

Our world is a battle field, not all of us grow up in, concrete jungle or down in the traps is where we reside in

Having no chances or choices or opportunity to thrive in,

just the same old lifestyle perpetuating the cycle in this life that we’re confined in…..

Who wins?



It’s killing our families in more ways then one

And for some it’s over before it’s begun

a daughter is lost, 16 years a long time to wait

But addiction doesn’t care, addiction will just take

Siphon your will until it empties your soul

shamefulness not seen only pride there to hold

This hell that we’re in is unlikely untold

Unwilling, unrelenting, underwhelming, over sold

While in prayer for the future and keeping hope in tomorrow

How could anyone sit in the filth and just wallow

Losing 2 kids and then 3 is a big pill to swallow

The gape in her chest will leave her empty and hollow

And the only way she knows how to relieve all the pain

Is to find a needle…………………….. and then find a vein

Flood the void til it’s full, resist every urge and every pull

Time stands completely still and you’ve given into will

While your family sits helpless to saving the loved one lost

What, if not your children, will be the cost?

Your dignity? Your pride? Your love? Your life?

And while help remains there, you continue on and just gripe

About how this ones done you wrong and how that ones never there

You couldn’t give a fuck about your own life, so why the fuck should we care?

But we do care. We care. Even if we’re not there we care

And when you’re well again, with a clearer view, with open arms we will be there

But when will that be? When can I see,

That girl I’ve known since well before puberty?

That woman with the strength  to take em all out with her pinky, And quickly,

But she’s checked and gone right now………………. sickly

And this whole situation is messy and sticky,

It’s not me being picky, But your choices that have distinctly

Separated you from those who you should be the closest

I miss that I miss you I miss the closeness

Addiction, I hate you, I hate every thing you take

Release your vice grip on family, PLEASE, for everyones sake.


A New Day, A New Beginning

In my search for the best site to use that would link all of my social media into one, I came across WordPress! I love the fact that I can write one blog entry and it will transfer to all my sites and vice versa.

I started this blog site to incorporate all the facets of my life into one controlled location. My love of the arts has manifested itself in music, fashion, food, travel and writing and my duties as a parent and wife have fueled my desire to learn about health, nutrition and political issues. As you wander my site, you will see writings, researched factual information and my thoughts on many issues ranging from food to kids.

Having a ‘well seasoned’ or ‘rough’ up bringing and recovered success through therapy, I feel more then qualified to voice thoughts on the things happening in todays world and having a creative streak i believe helps me keep an open mind. I like to hear all points of an argument and do some researching to get a steady foundation in order to formulate a well rounded opinion on any matter. It can be difficult to come under the scrutiny of people who are constantly looking to over shadow you with there beliefs, I just try to give a fair assessment based on the information presented.

I hope this blog site allows me to reach people the way I really want to and help those with a desire to get to know me a glimpse into my head and my heart.

More to come……